SEO in e-commerce is fast progressing and adapting to new technologies and out-of-the box practices to stay ahead of the competition. With the short and somewhat erratic attention spans that the modern generation has today, it is certainly challenging to capture web traffic and rake in more revenue in the process. SEO evolution is triggered primarily by search engine behavior and algorithms. On-site SEO is on the rise as tons of tools, widgets, and third-party apps are being integrated into sites to optimize and improve traffic conversion results. Success in e-commerce can be predicted or preempted depending on how you seamlessly integrate the right SEO technique that works for your business.

Check out the groundbreaking SEO trends for 2016:

Mobile optimization gains momentum. For many years, desktop optimization has been very important for SEO. With the boom of mobile users today, mobile optimization has turned the tables around. Google has announced earlier that desktop and mobile search is on equal footing. This 2016, desktop would be fading into the background as mobile search continue to gain traction for the next five to ten years or so. Google has even explicitly claimed that creating a desktop-specific site won’t be necessary because 2016 and beyond is all about creating a fast-paced and intuitive mobile experience for many modern internet users.

Shift to long form content. Most websites would have short and brief content with pictures (due to people’s short attention spans). This 2016 however, search engines and user demand would showcase the affinity of internet users towards long form of content rather than short ones. Long form of content would usually be a humdrum which is actually more challenging to construct because users today clamor for interactive and conversational pieces; which are also detailed and loaded with information. No fluff or word-padding necessary of course.

Video content on the rise. While written content is still considered the baseline, many users are now enjoying the integration of different content formats like infographics and videos alongside written content. Aside from being aesthetically eye-catching, this also improves engagement and sharability of content in varied social media networks. Video content also has more opportunities to be viral than just written content on your company blog. Diversity in content formats can move your business forward.

Local SEO is a must. Local SEO is more important to focus on now more than ever. Targeting a smaller yet relevant niche is more effective in gaining brand recognition and conversions rather than just focusing on the national or global levels. You have to work from the grassroots and up to make your business stand out amongst competition. This is also a great motivating factor for businesses to convene and cluster to maximize the benefits of local search.

Live content will be more powerful than news coverage. Live feeds are fast becoming intensely popular in Twitter and Facebook which is diminishing the interest for news articles that can’t be easily sourced. Images and written content ought to be further intensified with the integration of live feeds.

Digital assistants and voice search are gaining popularity. Many mobile users have become increasingly dependent on voice search and digital assistants because of the complexity and hurried lifestyle that people have today. People on the go are in need of accurate and fast results that will make their life easier and hassle-free – this is what voice search and digital assistants bring to the plate.

Match your business goals with SEO campaigns that are designed to capture leads and profit. Always be flexible though with SEO campaigns because it changes and grows with its consumer base needs. Being in the loop of these SEO trends for 2016 ensure that your campaigns are headed for a landslide win.